Monday, March 07, 2005

Night Tennis

My friends, Brian and Andy, started a men's bible study group recently. Last week, we got together with some guys from Pilgrim Baptist and we had a blast. It's so good to be with a group of guys to just chill with and talk about our lives, what we struggle with, where we want to go, and who we want to hook up with (ha ha...only some of us). On our first night, we played outdoor night tennis in Richmond. It was so fun! Only in Vancouver can you play with a t-shirt on in February. The courts were lit up quite nicely. We could actually see the ball. We all played hard, but not well. It was a good time to laugh. After some tennis, we went to Andy's place and had some spaghetti his wife prepared for us. It was nice! We then had a discussion about what we wanted to do with the group. Any fellowship is good for me and to chill with the boys was great. On another night, I could use a hot date.



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7:13 PM, March 08, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whoa, Andy's WIFE??! When did that happen? Who?

12:41 PM, March 09, 2005  

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