Monday, September 13, 2004


After chillin at my friend Les' apartment watching a couple of Arnie flicks, we found out from his neighbour that the underground parking lot door wasn't working. It was midnight and I wondered if I would have to take the Skytrain or get a ride home because my car was parked in there. Les and I headed to the underground parking lot to see if we could somehow fix the sensor. After playing with the motor's on and off switch, we found a latter to reach up to the sensor. I was praying it would be the wires that needed some adjusting, and then it finally opened. I was stoked.

As I looked around the underground parking lot, I noticed quite a few abandoned cars. It was the strangest sight, but I guess not so surprising being in the city and all. Les pointed out some cars that had been there ever since he moved in. There were like 7 abandoned cars with a thick layer of dust on them. Who would leave such an investment behind? He told me there was a Trans Am at the bottom level with its body and windows smashed in. We went to take a look. Some of the tenants must have used it to take out their aggression. It was in pretty bad shape and must have been there for years. I wondered why the building manager still had these cars, but he must have been too lazy to get rid of them. There were some junk lying around including an old desk and a baby car seat. There were some graffiti on the walls and interesting artwork displayed. We found an old motorcycle too.

I felt like a kid exploring an abandon building that wasn't abandon, just the parking lot. When you're in the city, I suppose vehicles aren't so much of a necessity.



Blogger Justin Alm said...

Sweet, it would be fun to ride around on a motorcycle you found in an old car park.

5:59 PM, September 13, 2004  

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