Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Family of Academics

I come from a family who is proud of academic acheivement. It has always played a central role in my family life and has been the centre piece of discussion at any family gathering I've attended. I used to think what an ego boost it's been to my aunts and uncles who brag about their childrens' successes. I use to judge them in a negative way, but I realize they are truly proud of their childrens' accomplishments and there is nothing wrong with that. I'm pretty proud of what my cousins have accomplished in life thus far. It's only when my parents play the comparison game that it gets on my nerves. I've compiled a list of some of my family's accomplishments to personally archive for future reference.

There are three primary careers a Korean parent would want their children to choose: Medical Doctor, Lawyer, or Dentist :) A stereotype but true.

Arnold, BA - Simon Fraser University (Geography) - Project Manager
Byron, BSc - University of British Columbia (Biochemistry, Psychology) - Undergrad Student
James, BSc - Queen's University (Life Sciences, Business Administration) - Pharmaceutical Industry, Executive MBA Student
Joanne, BSc - University of British Columbia (Nursing), University of Toronto - Hospital Administration, Masters Student
Karen, BA, MA - University of British Columbia (English Literature), Ohio University - University Lecturer
David, BSc, DDS - McGill University, Columbia University - Dentist
Gina, BSc, DDS - The University of Chicago, Columbia University - Dentist
Howard, DipEng - British Columbia Institute of Technology (Plastics Engineering) - Entrepreneur
Arthur - Harvard University - Pre-Med Student
Sharon, BA - University of British Columbia (Linguistics) - Law Student
Ryan, BSc - University of British Columbia (Biological Sciences), Langara College - Artist
Cecilia, BSc, MA - University of Toronto (Biomedical Engineering) - Medical Student
Martin, BSc - University of British Columbia, McGill University - Dentistry Student
Bommy, BA, MA - Carleton University (Journalism) - Journalist in France
Lawrence - University of Waterloo (Electrical Engineering) - Undergrad Student



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