Monday, September 27, 2004

Hockey Memories

As I was cleaning up my room, I came across an old e-mail that I had printed out about two years ago. It was an e-mail sent by my buddy Dean while at Western. We had played one game of street hockey (not actually street, but in a tennis court) before he left for Ontario in late spring of 2002. The last time we played a game was with our high school buddies back in the day. They were great memories and I thought I'd share his e-mail.

May 17, 2002

THE BUILD UP: Remember when we were in elementary school and high school and all we would do on the weekends and all summer long was play roller hockey? It was like 10:00, the sun's up, lets play hockey. Stop at 1:00 for a slurpee and then play some more until we had to get home for dinner. Well, those were the days my friends. No stresses, no school, not a care in the world. The events came with the highs and lows. The highs being playing all day, not having to backcheck, throwing my stick when I didn't score on every shot, having a good time with friends. The lows being "I got 10 people" turned into a one on one, "I'll play goalie" translated into "I'm not going in goal" and "the game starts at 10:00" really meant noon! Remember the times when Tomac would spazz over nothing, Leaky had a stick with a blade no thicker than a toothpick, Brad sucked in net, Chris H was a loser on feet (some things don't change), Arns was learning how to skate, Byron was pretending to be cool because he had the deepest voice (HA), Brad could setup a nice play from anywhere, Dana pissed everybody off because he tried both ways and displayed a second effort, and 2nd captain somehow gave a person 1st pick. AWWW, those were the days!!

THE STORY: Last Saturday, we relived the high school years. We played from 2:00 to 7:00. Arns showed that he studied the way Dana used to play because he was the best defender (it was surprising, everyone is asking for him to come back), I still got pissed off when I didn't score (but this time it was the balls fault, not my stick), slurpee breaks occurred, when someone hit the post he swore it was in (no lie), the goalies were still falling for the same move that used to shatter Brad's confidence, and for your balls hurt now way more than they used to! People we don't know come out and ask to play, Arns injures his toe, I slice a chunk out of my foot that brings my mom to tears, another guy leaves early (not because his mom said he had to be home for dinner, but because he and his girlfriend were going out for dinner).

Ah yes, the new memories.

DANA: Eat it man, you wish you were still here.
BRAD: I expect you to come out and play one of these days.
ARNS: Ice the toe man, ice the toe. People are expecting your triumphant return!!



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