Sunday, February 13, 2005

Mystery Man

I found this list. It's another lazy post, but it was fun to do. I have been a mystery to some, but not all. Here I reveal some answers that you may have been wondering about.

TEN Random Things About Me
10. I play too much Counter-Strike online (I need a girlfriend).
9. My favourite TV show is The Apprentice.
8. Sometimes I don’t listen to what a person just said by saying, “Huh?” and I have them repeat themselves.
7. I dislike beer and coffee.
6. I occasionally like to watch a good romance film. Props to The Notebook
5. I drive like an old lady.
4. I’ve had White Castle burgers and fries.
3. I’m confused about my identity. Am I White or Korean? Who knows.
2. I like to read before I go to bed. Right now, I’m reading, “How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. It’s a must read if you want to become more successful in life.
1. I enjoy a good hike.

NINE Places I've Visited
9. Maple Ridge, BC (It’s a boony town)
8. Saskatchewan
7. Ontario
6. Washington
5. California
4. Illinois
3. Hawaii
2. China
1. South Korea

EIGHT Things I Want To Do Before I Die
8. Climb a mountain for charity like Summits of Hope.
7. Drive across Canada.
6. Travel to Europe.
5. Get married.
4. Sex.
3. Go scuba diving.
2. Go on a safari and see some wild animals like a Lion.
1. Know that I made a difference in someone’s life.

SEVEN Ways To Win My Heart
7. Be real and honest.
6. Work together in building one another up in Christ.
5. Make me laugh.
4. Love the outdoors and have an adventurous spirit.
3. Get along with my family.
2. Have your own opinions and not agree with everything I say.
1. Have goals.

SIX Things I Believe (In)
6. Jesus Christ.
5. Love.
4. Death.
3. Gravity.
2. The world is round not square.
1. We are special and specifically designed for a purpose.

FIVE Things I'm Afraid Of
5. Spiders.
4. Being alone.
3. That my faith was just a lie. Then, I would be totally lost.
2. Being burned alive or frozen to death.
1. Cell phones.

FOUR Of My Favorite Items In My Bedroom
4. Computer. It's got a lot of power.
3. Bible.
2. Action figures.
1. Guitar.

THREE Things I Do Everyday
3. Shower.
2. Play PC games online.
1. Watch The Tonight Show with Jay Leno at 11:35 pm on The New VI. (Except weekends)

TWO Things I Hate
2. Stuck up people.
1. Kimchi.

ONE Person I Want To See Right Now
1. My high school crush. Ha ha…yeah, but it’s true. I wonder what she’s been up to.

If you want to find out about my brother's life, you can see him in a feature documentary called "College Days, College Nights." It was produced by an Academy Award-winning filmmaker John Zaritsky. It airs on the Documentary Channel, Tuesday, March 1 - Thursday, March 3 at 5 pm PST. It will air later on CBC. For more details, check out Documentary Channel.



Blogger Nat said...

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9:56 AM, February 16, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like lazy posts because they are fun. I learnt a lot about you in one post! Props for admitting to watching the notebook and for being so honest . . . :o)
I think I might steal your idea, hope that's okay.


9:57 AM, February 16, 2005  

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