Thursday, July 07, 2005

Math is Fun!

I'm taking a Business Math course at BCIT to prepare me for the Operations Management Program in the Fall. Right now, I'm re-learning Fractions, Percentages, Decimals, and Exponents. How easy it is to forget Algebra. I haven't done math in six years. Math was never fun for me, but it's actually not too bad. I enjoy solving problems and getting the correct answer. The class size is about 20 students which is nice. Half the students are recent high school grads who didn't take Math 12 and the other half are like me who haven't taken math in a very long time.

In this class, I drink a can of Red Bull to keep me alert because in pretty much all the lectures I took in university, I've fallen asleep. I think I have a short attention span or something. I have to be doing something active to keep me interested (hence why I love video games so much). I find whatever class I take there are some hot girls and the one annoying person. Is it me or do you find that one annoying person in every class you've taken? They either have a bunch of common sense questions or have a lot of pride and answer every question. In my class, I have the guy who has pride and shows it. He'll talk to the person next to him and say this class is dreary. He'd be like that's so easy when we are asked to do some math problems. I overheard him say he hadn't taken math in two years since Grade 12. I'm like c'mon man! If it's that easy, why are you taking the class.

I kind of feel out of place there, but I think the students could see me as a high school grad. I'm waiting for the person to ask me what high school I graduated from. Some say I look 18 and others think I look 26 or 27. I remember my bro's friend asked me if I just graduated from high school when I went out to visit Byron last year at the frat house. My bro and I just laughed when I said I just graduated with a BA from SFU last June.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo man,
I was just about to ask you which nursing home you escaped from. BCIT is cool, lots of girls. I remember the girls. Hang out in the student hall and play video games! good times. good to hear you're back in school man. You're gonna do it bro. John

3:53 AM, July 08, 2005  

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