Friday, June 10, 2005

My Sassy Girl

I've been thinking a lot about my roots lately and seeing how my identity as a Korean fits into the Canadian way of life. Growing up, I tried to become as Western as I could be. I was even proud of the fact that I couldn't speak Korean. I had been annoyed that I was brought up Korean and even the way I looked. I would get uncomfortable in Korean environments whether it be the grocery store or restaurants. I always felt my place among non-asian friends, going to Canadian churches, and hanging out in Western places.

But since graduating, I've continued searching for who I am. I realized that I've wasted so many years of my life trying to reject the Korean culture. There is something about it that intrigues me and drives me to dig deeper. I've been watching some Korean films over the last few years. The first one I saw was "Shiri" about a couple of years ago. It's an action film that wasn't my cup of tea, but it was pretty cool to see a Korean made film. A year ago, I watched "My Teacher, Mr. Kim" on TV. It was actually quite good.

Today, I watched one of Korea's most popular movies called "My Sassy Girl" made in 2001. It's about a college guy, Gyeon-Woo, who crosses paths with a drunk girl on a late-night subway. Just before she passes out, the girl calls him "honey." The other passengers assume he's her boyfriend and they tell him to take good care of her. He doesn't want to look after her, but he also doesn't want to leave her behind. From there, the two develop a quirky relationship and go on quite an adventure. I really enjoyed this film. I actually bought the DVD from Ebay for $8.00. It was a sweet deal.

As I watched the film, I felt involved and the taste of Korean culture only made me thirst for more. I hope that I can visit Korea very soon. It seems like a magical place to me. By visiting the country, it will definitely open my eyes to a world I've kept locked for so long. I've also thought about years of my parents telling me to meet a Korean girl and saying I never will. After dating two white girls and seeing how it can truly be a challenge to date someone of a different background, it just makes sense to want to meet a Korean girl. There is an understanding. But regardless of race, I really do need to find someone who challenges me and who I want to be with from the things I have found within myself.

P.S. Dreamworks just bought the rights to "My Sassy Girl" and are planning a remake for Western audiences in 2006. It will be directed by Gurinder Chadha who did "Bend It Like Beckham."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

we should go man. Let me know when and I'll save up some. Might even get a flight discount?!

12:07 AM, June 11, 2005  
Anonymous mariel said...

its good to know a korean's point of view on this movie... i really liked it eventhough i had to concentrate on the subtitles... i had the urgency to watch it again just to appreciate the cinematography... this one is on the top my fave movies list...

i feel sad that hollywood would do some adaptation on this... just like what they did on "the ring"

8:15 AM, October 27, 2005  

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