Sunday, October 15, 2006

Arnold The Phlegmatic

After church, my friends and I went out for lunch at Honolulu Cafe. It's a Hong Kong/Western style restaurant that has nothing to do with Hawaii. I guess the name sounds cool. During our meal, we had a discussion about temperament tests. I've never heard of it, but apparently it helps to understand who you are. There's a well respected temperament test that I can't remember the name of. My friends, Paul and Clara, took the test for a fee and it really helped them to understand one another especially since they're married. Paul has a melancholic type personality and I thought I might fall into the same category as well. So I decided to take a mini test online when I got home and scored 55% on phlegmatic type and 23% on melancholy. Here is a description of a phlegmatic type. I think it's quite accurate of me.


Arnold Phlegmatic is the calm, easygoing, never-get-upset individual with such a high boiling point that he almost never becomes angry. He is the easiest type of person to get along with and is by nature the most likeable of all the temperaments.

Arnold Phlegmatic derives his name from what Hippocrates thought was the body fluid that produced that "calm, cool, slow, well-balanced temperment." Life for him is a happy, unexcited, pleasant experience in which he avoids as much involvement as possible. He is so calm and unruffled that he never seems agitated, no matter what circumstances surround him. He is the one temperament type that is consistent every time you see him. Beneath his cool, reticent, almost timid personality, Mr. Phlegmatic has a very capable combination of abilities. He feels more emotion than appears on the surface and appreciates the fine arts and the beautiful things of life. Usually he avoids violence.

The phlegmatic does not lack for friends, because he enjoys people and has a natural, dry sense of humor. He is the type of individual who can have a crowd of people "in stitches, " yet never cracks a smile. Possessing the unique capability for seeing something humorous in others and the things they do, he maintains a positive approach to life. He has a good, retentive mind and is capable of being a fine imitator.

Arnold Phlegmatic tends to be a spectator in life and tries not to get very involved with the activities of others. In fact, it is usually with great reluctance that he is ever motivated to any form of activity beyond his daily routine. This does not mean, however, that he cannot appreciate the need for action and the predicaments of others. He and Rocky Choleric may confront the same social injustice, but their responses will be entirely different. The crusading spirit of the choleric will cause him to explain, "Let's get a committee organized and campaign to do something about this!" The phlegmatic would likely respond, "These conditions are terrible! Why doesn't someone do something about them?" Usually kindhearted and sympathetic, Arnold Phlegmatic seldom conveys his true feelings. When once aroused to action, however, his capable and efficient qualities become apparent. He will not volunteer to leadership on his own, but when it is forced upon him, he proves to be a very capable leader. He has a conciliating effect on others and he is a natural peacemaker.

Do you think this is true of me?



Blogger Stefanie said...

To answer your question: YES!!! That is freakily true about you. Who the heck writes such accurate descriptions? cRAZY! I have to try! What's the URL?

11:16 PM, October 15, 2006  
Blogger Arnold said...

I used this website for the mini test:

I found this website for descriptions (it only has 2 though):

11:47 PM, October 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

heheheh Phlegm....(sorry for the immaturity.. in a goofy mood)

SINCE You are so easy going though with a good temperment.. you would undersatnd =)

Debbie ;P

9:08 AM, October 17, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That pretty much sums you up except for one thing that is very inaccurate. What about all those fights you used to get into and rages when playing roller hockey?


1:15 PM, October 20, 2006  

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