Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yes Man

It's been about 5 months living on my own. I enjoy it, but at times it feels lonesome. I think during this time, I realized how much of a people person I am. I try to go out as much as I can. Pretty much any event invitation I get on Facebook, I say "yes." I am for sure a "Yes Man." I should see Jim Carrey's movie. I used to be more of a "No Man" or I chose to wait to see if there's something better. These days if someone invites me to something, I say "yes" unless I'm already doing something on that day I had already said "yes" to or I have final exams coming up (although that's not always true). Actually, I've agreed to go to my friend's concert this Friday night and another friend's concert this Sunday night even though I have my Statistics final next week. I figure life is short and really what am I going to do with Stats...ha ha.

This "yes" feeling has been great because I've experienced a lot more in life than if I had said "no." I think Facebook and Messenger is great because even though I'm alone at a computer, I still feel connected to people. Whether it's chatting on Messenger, writing on someone's wall or checking out their pictures on Facebook, there's a sense of community in my life. I think in the future when I have more cash, I will join a ice hockey team. I'm glad I go to church and just recently I went on a pretty rad ski trip to Silver Star with 25 other people. I made some new friends and got to know others better.

I think when I'm a senior I would prefer living in a home. I like the fact that people are around and we could hang out playing video games or cards. I don't think I'd like living on my own then.


Blogger Stefanie said...

Nice post Arnold. Funny to imagine you playing cards in an old folks' home.

I know it's not for everyone, but I love living alone. I like being with people but definitely can get my fill of them after a little while and that's when I like to retreat to my own personal space with my stuff and other things that make me happy.

7:18 PM, February 21, 2009  

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