Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Bachelor

Yes, I'm a sucker for watching this season's The Bachelor. After watching last season's The Bachelorette and seeing Jason Mesnick get shot down by DeAnna Pappas, I was interested to see what kind of ladies were gonna show up for Jason this season. I heard DeAnna dumped Jesse Csincsak, the winner last season, about a few months after she accepted his proposal. Jesse was a pretty rad dude and it's too bad DeAnna left him. I sent a friend request to Jesse and he added me on Facebook. Cool eh? I hope he becomes the next bachelor. I think the show would be a lot of fun to watch with him in it.

This season with Jason has been pretty good so far. Being a bachelor myself, I enjoy watching the ladies getting catty with each other and competing for his attention. It'll be interesting to see how these relationships form and what ladies generally want in a man. Also the ladies of course look hot. One girl that immediately caught my attention is Jillian from my hometown, Vancouver, and not because of where she is from. From what I've seen so far, she seems really down-to-earth, funny, outgoing, confident, and positive and also very attractive. She runs her own interior design company and seems to be at a point in her life to settle down with a man. She's definitely the type of girl I would love to date.

Check out a couple clips of Jillian below and you'll see what I mean. Her "hot dog theory" is hilarious. You can catch The Bachelor on Monday nights at 8 on CityTV.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Jilly! she is too cute =)If Jason doesn't pick her, she needs to be the next bachelorette!

10:53 PM, January 25, 2009  

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