Saturday, February 19, 2005


Tonight, I finished my last shift as a Customer Consultant. I have been promoted! On Monday, I start my new role as a Project Manager. I actually skipped a couple of positions in the hierarchy at FedEx Kinko's to my new position. It's amazing how much I have learned since I've been with the company back in April 2004. Not only do I know how to copy, print, troubleshoot files, do auxiliary work (binding, laminating, cutting, folding, padding), ship packages, deal with unpleasant customers, but I have even more responsibilities. I will now manage all orders taken, deal with order issues, do quality control, and make sure the flow of production is running smoothly.

I am pleased with taking on a new challenging role, but I wish I was paid more. What customers don't understand is how little we make, but how much we have to know (the amount of information is staggering). People think we are experts in all design software available on Earth and that we can make their complicated jobs simple for them (but not easy for us). I had one customer bring in 80 MS Word files and each were one page. She wanted one copy of each. I'm like what the?? I just have to say some people are dumb. My Project Managers have given me a welcome mat saying "We are here to fix all of our customers' problems and we all have magic wands to help them." I have now entered a different world than the one I'm use to. But in reality, that's life and I can't complain, at least I have a job.

I know I will learn a lot and there will be many stressful nights. The tools I have learned at Kinko's are very valuable to me. I am grateful for making mistakes and learning from them. Dealing with people especially has taught me how to control my emotions, be a professional, and how to be an influence.

I am actually excited about the future. For a while, I hit a plateau. I have applied for a two-year Operations Management Technology program at BCIT. My goal now is to begin a career in business as a Christian man and become a leader of influence. Then again, I could always take up surfing, marry a hot girl, make babies, and live in a hut on a white sandy beach.



Blogger Nat said...

Congrats on the promotion!! What sort of business would you like to run?


10:27 PM, February 19, 2005  
Blogger Mindy said...

Good Job on the promotion A-train! I totally understand about having to know a lot and not getting paid enough...for the amount of recipes and crap I needed to know at Starbucks, I did not get paid enough! And may God lead you in your future, and shape your heart to be an effective leader/witness wherever you end up!:)


9:03 PM, February 20, 2005  
Blogger PakG1 said...

Wouldn't a cabin at the base of a cold mountain be better?

2:50 PM, February 21, 2005  
Blogger Aaron said...

That's an admirable career goal, Arnold. With all my job searching lately I've been thinking about career goals too, but I will say that option 2 sounds really attractive to me at the moment...the surf...the beach...the hot girl...

10:27 AM, February 24, 2005  

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