Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Walkman of the 21st Century

Today was a great day. I purchased a cool little gadget that people seem to have barely noticed (mostly due to bad marketing). I'm sure it will catch on once people recognize what it is. What I am talking about is the new Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). I was at a loss as to which gaming device I wanted to purchase between the new slim PS2 and the PSP. I had sold my PS2 back in December, but I missed it. After talking with my cousin last night, he convinced me to choose the PSP over the PS2. He was right on. There are so many features to this handheld. I can play games, watch movies, store photos, and listen to music. The PSP came with Spider-Man 2 on a UMD disk. I was just blown away at how clear and brilliant the colours were on the small screen. It's DVD quality. I also bought Ridge Racer which is a fantastic racing game. It pretty much resonates PS2 graphics with awesome sound.

I was lucky to get the PSP today. I went down to Wal-Mart and they only had the Gretzky bundle. I was like boo-urns. Nobody wants a PSP with a game you don't want. They had a ton of those, but the basic units were all gone. I then went to Best Buy next door and they had two basic units left. They had twenty shipped and eighteen were sold already. I was like yes! I picked one up and then went back to Wal-Mart to buy the only copy of Ridge Racer left. It worked out well.

I have four days off which gives me lots of time to play. Woohoo!



Blogger PakG1 said...

But I heard that the battery life sucked?

5:41 AM, March 31, 2005  
Blogger Arnold said...

Battery life is plenty. You can play games for about 4 hours straight, but nobody will do that. Your hands need a break.


12:38 PM, March 31, 2005  

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