Saturday, April 23, 2005

Old Friends

Mindy's blog reminded me of good friends. A couple of weeks ago, my old buddy, David Castles, gave me a call. He was in town visiting his parents and was moving back to Australia from the UK. I've known David for 14 years (since Grade 6) and he's the only one that's kept in touch with me since my elementary school days. I'm pretty amazed. He moved to Australia in 1995, then to England in 2003, but now moved back to the Outback. Every so often when he's in Vancouver we'll either hook up for lunch or chat on the phone. He told me he had went down to Lagos, Nigeria with his dad before coming to Vancouver, I think for church related work. That's cool. There's something about Africa that appeals to me, its societal ills, cultural aspects, the people, wildlife, and scenery. One day, I'd like to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Tom and Mindy you'll be so close to it soon. I've been praying for you guys. Love ya.

For more photos, visit David's Trip to Nigeria Gallery



Blogger Mindy said...

Yep, good friends are a treasure Arnold! Thanks for the prayers for Africa, we'll need it!!! Next time your coming :)


9:03 PM, April 25, 2005  

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