Monday, April 18, 2005

Sin City

My bro and I saw Sin City over the weekend. I wanted to see this film for its comic book layout and they nailed it well. Sin City is based on three graphic novels written and drawn by Frank Miller. It tells the stories of three people living in a crime-infested city. It was a very graphic film and not a movie for weak stomachs. If you've seen Kill Bill, Sin City takes it to the next level. It's interesting how controversial The Passion of the Christ was for it's graphic images when nothing has been said about Sin City. Every sin imaginable was portrayed in this film, but one thing stood out to me in this film, love. Love is the most powerful thing and the characters showed that nothing could take it away. Overall, I liked this film for its unique approach of incorporating three stories into one environment and the amazing comic book feel. Sin City was refreshingly different from most movies I've seen even though violent. Another thing I couldn't get my mind off of was Jessica Alba who played Nancy Callahan. I think God is teasing me.



Blogger justrose said...

i saw this and had a similar response. it was way too violent, beautiful in a bizarre way, and so incredibly artistic. rather like a painting - or a comic book come to life. love really was the bottom line, i felt too. mickey rourke's character was sublime.

as for god teasing you, i can't comment on that. (laughing)

great blog here.

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3:28 AM, April 21, 2005  

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