Monday, September 19, 2005

My First Hip Hop Show

Last night, I went to my first hip hop show. I was working on some homework in the afternoon and my buddy, Dean, called me up to come out to the Commodore with his friend, FC (she's pretty cute and that's just an observation so don't read into any further). I tossed the books and decided to head downtown with them. We had a hell of a time trying to find her house and took the scenic route of New Westminster when we should have been heading towards Burnaby. It was hilarious. When we got downtown, we parked, and headed to McDonald's because FC was hungry. We chilled at McD's and later got a phone call from another friend of Dean's who was already at the show telling us Zion I was on. We were shocked and had to book it to the Commodore. Unfortunately, we missed them and another artist we wanted to see, Pigeon John, who came on before them. We ran about an hour late and were surprised they started the show on time because they usually don't. The lineup last night was Lyrics Born and K'Naan with guests Zion I, Pigeon John, and DJ Mike Relm.

Dean and I were digruntled, but after watching DJ Relm spin a good set with movie clips (scratching music and movie clips together, who would have thunk it?), we got into the hip hop mood. K'Naan came out after DJ Relm and they were awesome. They had more of a world beat to them as they played the African drums while K'Naan rapped about his thoughts about philosophy, life, home, and society. Then, Lyrics Born pumped up the crowd with his rap tunes while his band dished out some bad ass funky beats. The place was bumpin'. Some people were break dancing, others smoking weed, drinking booze, and taking too many illegal substances.

Overall, it was a great show minus the two artists Dean and I really wanted to see, Zion I and Pigeon John. We were so choked that we missed them. I definitely want to come back for another show. I got into a groove there and danced a bit. It was a great feeling. The next show I see with Dean will hopefully be with Zion I. They are my favourite hip hop group. I've been exposed to more underground hip hop over the past year. There are so many unrecognized artists out there who have incredible talent that actually have a message. There is a lot of crap hop in the scene (50 Cent, etc.) who rap about doing ho's and being rich that give hip hop a bad name. It's unfortunate.



Blogger Gary Grice said...

A-Train...I still feel really bad about missing Zion-I and Pigeon John bro...definitely owe you. Check out this link: so others can hear what you were rocking out to. My favs are songs 1 and 4. Glad to know you had a good time bro!


10:32 PM, September 19, 2005  

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