Thursday, November 18, 2004

Brain Meltdown

How much can the brain handle and what is its attention span? This has been a very important question for the 21st century mind (maybe my mind). I've pondered this for a very long time and wonder how I can exercise my mind to be more active rather than passive. Throughout my university education, I don't think there has been one lecture that I've stayed awake in. Every lecture I've been in, I've at least nodded off. Is the material boring or do I have a short attention span? It could be a combination of both. But even for the most interesting lectures, I would still zone out and go to la la land.

This week I had FedEx training as a Shipping Specialist. On the second day, we went through customs forms all day. There were like 20 different forms with so many instructions that my brain began a meltdown. Towards the last couple of hours, I pretty much gave up concentrating. My head proceeded to contact the pages.

After getting home, I decided to play a new video game called Half-Life 2. I was wide awake for hours as I became a part of its world. With my crowbar in hand, I found myself on an alien-infested Earth. Aliens have taken control over the planet's resources and have brainwashed many humans. I must save the planet from further destruction. My people need me. It's this adventure that stimulates my mind and keeps my brain active. TV also serves it purpose to entertain me.

It's too bad that I can't pick up a book and be all excited about it. I guess if it relates to video games or relationships, I will turn the pages. Right now I'm reading Starship Troopers. But there are those rare intellectual books that I couldn't put down, like when I read Mere Christianity and The Jesus I Never Knew. Those were good.

In church, sermons have become more pop-culture oriented. I believe its because our attention spans are too short to handle an indepth study on a particular passage that requires thought processes. I think a thorough study would be more interesting to me than "How should I manage my money?" and throw in a scriptural verse to make it a sermon. But I understand the reasons for sermons like these. We live in a world that demands instant gratification hence why many people have short attention spans. Either case, I would probably fall asleep. I don't know why, maybe one day they will discover there is a dysfunction with my brain and name a disease after me. Any suggestions?



Blogger PakG1 said...

I wish my computer could run Half Life 2... :(

My brain turns off 23 hours a day. It's like my whole life I've had ADD, but I've never been willing to get diagnosed because I'd hate to use that as an excuse. It's so darn easy for me to tune out even when talking with a friend. Especially on the phone....

2:20 AM, November 22, 2004  
Blogger taechtner said...

Hey Arnold, great post. I totally understand what you..................yeah.................what? Um, what were you talking about. I was totally paying attention, but, you know - have you ever thought about sauerkraut as a the main plot of a science fiction movie where german-accented aliens are taking over the world? Cool! So, how did your FedEx training go?...

8:51 PM, November 23, 2004  

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