Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Do Manners Mean Anything Anymore?

I don't know if there was a full moon out or what, but last night my pet peeve radar perked up ten fold. After work, I had to head downtown to write a final exam for my Human Resource Management course (which was easy by the way) and my journey began at Surrey Central SkyTrain Station. I'm not sure if it was at that station or the next one, but four girls got on the train and sat next to me blabbering about everything. This one girl was so freakin' loud and dropping f-bombs right, left, and centre. It's amazing how some girls need that attention without regard for the public who doesn't want to hear how much sex one's had lately. So this went on and on all the way downtown and I was gonna say "shut up" but opted not to. I didn't want to cause a scene.

After I got off at Terminal, I had some dinner at Harbour Centre and then went to the computer lab to kill some time before my exam. As I was sitting there, this lady comes in and sits in the pod next to me eating her sandwich. She was chewing like a freakin' horse with her mouth open and all. It was incredible how noisy she was chopping on this sandwich. I could have said something, but I was like forget it, I'm not going to be here long, but it was hella annoying.

As soon as I got out of there, I made my way towards the Segal Graduate School of Business where I had to write my exam. As I sat there during the exam, my classmate just randomly coughs like mega loudly. It's not like I can tell him not to cough, but wow dude put your hand to your mouth or get a drink of water. Thankfully the exam was open book so it wasn't too distracting.

After the exam, I got onto the SkyTrain to head back to work to pick up my car. After a few stations, this drunk guy boards and grabs a beer out of his bag, cracks it open, and drinks it. He started to stare at people and tried to do some hip hop kind of hand shakes with strangers saying who knows what. At each stop when the doors opened, he would just randomly yell at people walking by and just say whatever. I was like where the heck are the security guards. I mean I could have called the police, but what were they going to do anyway. As I was thinking about this, the drunken man got off at a station. I thought he had no clue where he was, but apparently he knew where his home was.

After that event, I got off in of course Whalley where even weirder things happen, but it was normal. I headed to my car and listened to some GZA all the way home.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Supernatural BC

Sometimes I take living here for granted. For me at least, this is the best place on Earth. Now that I'm watching the Beijing Olympics, I'm pretty pumped about the Olympics coming here next.