Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ice Cream

I heard the ice cream truck this afternoon playing "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" song. It's pretty amazing that those guys are still around waiting for children to come running out with their change. Even with the heavy gas prices they're still around. I was tempted to buy some ice cream, but then I remembered it's got to be at least $4.00 now for one popsicle. What a rip off.

In the 80s, I used to get ice cream all the time from the friendly pudgy white man driving his Mr. Cool ice cream truck when I lived at my old house. I would hear the song, and ask my mom to hurry up and give me some change. I would also see some of my neighbourhood friends running out the door screaming wait!!

I generally got the original astro popsicle (the red, white, and blue). There was something about the classic ice cream on a stick that kept me coming back for more. I also got the Mickey Mouse head ice cream that was purple for some reason with a bubble gum nose. It cost me only $0.75 from what I remember. After a few years, the price for ice cream jumped to $1.00, $1.25, and $1.75. After it became $2.00 I stopped buying ice cream from a truck. So sad.

After all these years, I wonder if people who come running out to the ice cream truck pay with debit.


Friday, June 16, 2006


I recently started the martial art of Japanese fencing called Kendo which means "way of the sword." I had been thinking about trying a martial art other than Tae Kwon Do and my dad suggested I try Kendo. I contacted my instructor, Mr. Ara, who set me up by observing one of his practices first. After watching the practice, I was hooked.

My first practice began with basic form and technique with the bamboo sword. I also learned how to do a proper bow. Kendo is very formal and there are certain ways of doing things. I really like that aspect of the sport as it involves great discipline and concentration. It also builds confidence, character, and one's spirituality. In modern Kendo, there are strikes and thrusts. Strikes are only allowed on seven specific target areas on the head and body, all of which are protected by bogu (armour). Thrusts are only allowed to the throat, but are often restricted to more advanced levels. Kendo is not about winning the match, but how an attack is done firmly and properly to a specified target. If a technique is done correctly, a point is awarded.

I'm looking forward to becoming a well-trained swordsman. Combined with my hand-to-hand combat skills from Tae Kwon Do, I will be a force to be reckoned with. Watch out.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Psychology Of Parenting

I was inspired by Stef to write about some of the weird things my parent's do. Growing up as a Canadian with a Korean background can be complicated. I mean it's true all parents are a bit weird and annoying at times, but it's even more problematic when dealing with cultural barriers. I guess that's what makes life fun and interesting.

Yesterday, I was helping my dad pull out some nails from some wood of our old balcony staircase in the backyard. Stef was playing with her dog, Axl, and my dad was trying to be a comedian like he usually does when my friends are around, making jokes about me and I making jokes about him. As I was finishing pulling nails, my dad calls out to me to help him pull a bag of rotten fish he kept in a garabage can into a new bag. The smell was so nasty. I was like why would you keep rotten fish lying around. Meanwhile, Stef was laughing and I couldn't help but think of all the other weird stuff my parents do.

For example, our front yard used to have 5 trees planted and I thought to myself are they trying to make a forest. I mean the other yards have maybe 1 or 2 trees, but 5 is a bit much. We have cut it down to 3 trees, so at least there's a bit of room.

My dad planted a bunch of hedges around our backyard, I guess for privacy. It's funny because two other neighbours did the same thing after. I think my dad started a movement.

Another thing my dad does is when I'm sitting on a couch in a darkened living room watching a movie. He'll come right in and turn on the light next to me to read a newspaper. Other times, he'll walk into the room with the cordless phone talking loudly to his friend. I'm like yo, I'm watching a movie. Our house isn't that small.

I love it when my dad asks my brother 20 questions everytime he sees him. It makes my brother so angry. I enjoy it because ever since my bro moved back home, my dad's asked me fewer questions.

Some of the things my mom does is whenever I have dinner there's usually something new on my plate that she knows I won't eat. I guess she thinks I'll eat them one day.

Another thing my mom does is she'll put up signs around the house warning me of any pending danger. Like the staircase is gone from the balcony and my dad actually put a bar across it to prevent anyone from falling, but yet my mom puts up a sticky on the sliding door window warning me. One time I forgot to flush the toilet and she put up a sign that said, "Flush."

I guess parents will be parents.