Thursday, August 25, 2005


Do you ever set aside time to think about your life and the world around you? I use to set aside a lot of time for that and it was then that I learned a lot about myself. I learn about God, about what's important in life, what I'm looking for, should I buy this or that, why are people so anxious about things, is it possible for me to become an astronaut, will I even get married one day, and stuff like that. I use to go to Crescent Beach in White Rock and just sit in the sand staring at the ocean thinking. Hiking and canoeing are some of my favourite activities for thinking. I find myself wanting to do that more, but I've been so busy that I haven't had time for it. Right now, I get to think when I walk my friend, Stef's dog, Axl, midday so he can sniff everything and take a crap in the woods. I think about how I am quite a passive guy and most of it has come from thoughts of what is up with people when they argue and complain about insignificant things and why do I complain about things. I think most of my arguments or complaints are lame because it really isn't a big deal. I get frustrated when people complain about stuff that doesn't really matter in the long run. Maybe that's why I'm easy to get along with or maybe not for some.

When I was camping with my friends this summer, it was so relaxing. I enjoyed sitting in the chair and watching the fire. It was nice to think amongst the trees and talk to the fat squirrels. My friend was reading a Christian book and the author quoted that a passive man in God's eyes is a disgrace to Him. I kept telling my friends, I'm a disgrace to God and they kept saying no you're not. I just enjoyed the laugh. If I'm spaced out and you're trying to connect with me, I'm usually thinking about something in my little world.


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Kinko's Land

Haven't blogged in a while. I've been busy working at Kinko's Land making copies for people. The store is normally dead in the summer, but out of nowhere it just picked up like crazy. We've eaten a lot of pizza and drank lots of pop. One of the most interesting experiences I find at my workplace is dealing with customers. I have met many kinds of people in my day at Kinko's and have made some observations.

There are customers who...
  • know more than you about copiers and technology in general.
  • are perfectionists that notice a blue colour isn't blue enough.
  • throw down their keys on the counter and demand copies right away.
  • don't have a clue what they want and take forever to decide.
  • want you to decide.
  • expect you to pull out the "Kinko's Magic Wand" and instantly create the impossible.
  • tell you how to do your job.
  • will pay extra for even faster service.
  • are easy going and will pick it up next week.
  • spend half an hour deciding what they want when in fact they don't want it anymore, wasting everybody's time.
  • walk past the counter into the main production area asking for service. We just point them back to the front and ask them to wait their turn.
  • say we have bad service and will never come back. We see them the next day.
  • ask, "Is Kinko's really owned by FedEx?" when there's a giant sign on the wall that says FedEx Kinko's.
  • totally forgot they placed an order and it sits there for months.
  • tell you their life story and how they came to the point where there at of why they are making copies.
  • show so much cleavage that I think a boob will pop out.
  • ask us to read their faxes for them over the phone.
  • got angry cause we don't have typewriters.
  • are drunk or hung over and still managed to make it to Kinko's.
  • have an instruction manual of how they want their copies made.
  • want us to make them fake IDs.
  • have nude pictures of themselves and want copies made for their boyfriend.
  • ask us why we charge more than our competitors across the street. So we ask ourselves why are you here?
  • tried to flirt with me cause I'm a hot asian guy.
  • know exactly what they want making my job easier :)

Friday, August 05, 2005

My Trip to Lillooet

This is where Jin-hee and I stayed during our week in Lillooet. Her parents own the store and have a house attached to it in the back. It was fun to walk into the store at midnight and eat whatever we wanted. We also borrowed movies from there.

A native pulling a salmon out from his net.

Jin-hee and I visited the natives to watch them catch and dry salmon along the Fraser.

Me on a rock in the Fraser River.

Jin-hee saw this weird looking alien rock and we went to check it out. Maybe it came from outer space, a chunk from a meteor perhaps?

It was hot in Lillooet. We had a BBQ in the backyard. Her dad is using "food scissors" to cut up some fine meat.

A view of the District of Lillooet. The town is located 208 miles North of Vancouver with a population of approximately 2800. They actually have a Subway and an A&W. They also have Buy-Low Foods, Pharmasave, Fields, and Sears Catalogue.

Jin-hee and I went up for a hike and saw this huge butterfly land in front of us. It was a pretty sight.

This is The Mile O Cairn. It was erected in 1939, marking mile zero of the Old Cariboo Road leading up to the gold fields. All road houses and stopping places from this point to Barkerville were known by their mileage from Lillooet - 70 Mile House, 100 Mile House, and so on.