Thursday, November 20, 2008

I, Lucifer

I, Lucifer, Fallen Angel, Prince of Darkness, Bringer of Light, Ruler of Hell, Lord of the Flies, Father of Lies, Apostate Supreme, Tempter of Mankind, Old Serpent, Prince of this World, Seducer, Accuser, Tormentor, Blasphemer, and without a doubt Best Fuck in the Seen and Unseen Universe (ask Eve, that minx) have decided – oo-la-la! – to tell all.

That is the opening sentence to a novel I'm reading called, I, Lucifer. The book is about God offering Satan a second chance at redemption. He offers him a human body for one month. If he can live a life without sin for a month, he can keep the body until it dies. If Satan lives virtuously and repents, he can return to Heaven except regain angelic status. Satan isn't about to take Him up on the offer, but would like to have fun being a human in the flesh. God chooses, Declan Gunn, as his host, a depressed writer contemplating on committing suicide. Satan plans to subject his host to as much sex, drugs, and other vices possible. But living in a human body gives Satan a real understanding of what happens when we sin and maybe he might just want to take up on God's offer after all.

I'm enjoying this book.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hip Hop Choir

This is hilarious. When I'm a senior, I will for sure be spitting out lyrics like these gramps and gran'ma mas.