Thursday, September 14, 2006

Survivor: Racist Islands

You may have heard the controversy surrounding the new season of Survivor. It's basically the same game, but divided up into 4 races: Black, White, Asians, and Latinos. I wasn't going to watch it because of its racial nature, but I guess you can't judge it unless you see it. I saw it and it really wasn't a big deal. The only thing that's really bad about it is that you have a group of 5 in each race representing the millions of people in that culture. You can imagine that stereotypes are in our minds for a reason and a show like this can have its way to reinforce it. Our minds can't comprehend the vast differences that exist within people of the same race so we resort to generalizations to give us some sort of measure or understanding.

I watched the show, and it was pretty lame. I know I'm gonna get a beat down from some people, but really this show sucks. I mean it was fun for the first two seasons, but after that they haven't really done much to improve it. Survivor: Racist Islands as I like to call it exists only for shameless ratings.

My favourite reality show would have to be The Amazing Race and man is it ever amazing. It's good every time because the world is so huge to explore and there's so much one can learn from the travel/game show. There's endless competitions that the producers can think of and I just plain love seeing diverse cultures and people. The teamwork is there and it's exciting to watch them compete cause they react like normal human beings in strange situations.

I would have to say NO TO RACISM and guess what, the very word is used wrong. There's only race in the human race.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Online Dating

I'm sure most of you who are single have thought about giving online dating a try, but were too afraid, it's weird, or it's too impersonal. I have thought about it over the past 2 years, but I guess I'm more old fashioned. Ideally I'd like to be hooked up with a friend's female friend. However, it doesn't always happen and the choices are quite limited. So I've been thinking about putting up a profile.

I have a few friends who are pro online dating. Aside from not actually meeting someone face to face, there are some benefits to it. I think there are more honest answers when written down in a profile, there's far more choice in who you'd like to meet, and you don't have to spend tons of money. It really is hard to find someone from church to date, and I have had thoughts of dating some non-Christians. I think I'd feel comfortable around non-Christians, but then of course faith is a big deal in my life and a relationship with a non-believer wouldn't work out. I know that I want to date a Christian, but I've met some who are pretty fake. Just want to meet someone who is real and down-to-earth, but also has a relationship with God.

I think the Internet is a great tool and online dating is one way to meet people. The days of Christian conferences and retreats are long gone, so online dating I may give a try within Greater Vancouver. I will never do long distance again.