Friday, March 23, 2007


I stole this picture from my buddy, Justin (far right), taken last year in January. I really like this photo. Justin and his friends came to Vancouver from Saskatoon to see Coldplay. Crazy kids. I took them out to my favourite all you can eat Japanese restaurant called Tanpopo at English Bay during the weekend they were here. It's a must if you're from the Prairies. Some of you may recognize my good friend, Stefanie, holding sushi with her chopsticks.

Aren't we a multicultural bunch?


Sunday, March 18, 2007


I had a conversation with my dad the other day about relationships and how I told him that I'd probably marry a white girl or non-Asian. My dad would like me to marry a nice Korean girl and he's even mentioned a couple. But I knew those girls wouldn't be a good choice for me. They aren't even Christian and that for me wouldn't work. My dad thinks they would go to church since I go, but that's just not how it works in regards to where I'm at spiritually. Even mentally and socially plays a large role in who I choose to be with.

I told him that being born in Canada and growing up with Western ideals has made me a completely different man than if I was born and raised in Korea. My dad still has tradition in mind, but I believe in the 28 years he has lived in Canada, he has changed. Although he prefers I be with a Korean girl (which I wouldn't completely object), he would be okay with me marrying a non-Asian.

My dad told me he considers himself Half-Canadian, Half-Korean. He has a Western and Eastern side to him now. He told me he wouldn't make friends with new Korean immigrants because of how different their thinking is. I find it amusing because it makes sense that spending the latter half of his life in Canada would make him Half-Canadian. What's also different about my dad is that unlike some strict Korean father types, he's very loving and always gives me a hug, telling me he loves me almost every other day. I'm thankful for that.

My mom wants me to marry a Korean girl, but she's generally pretty open to whoever I choose. She kind of follows my dad.

I'm glad I have parents that are open at least more so than some of the Korean parents I have encountered. I count it a blessing, and only hope that our relationship will flourish as we understand one another in a dual cultured environment.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pearl Jam

I was listening to some tunes on Pandora (great free personalized radio btw), and happened upon some old Pearl Jam songs. It brought back memories of how I loved this band in elementary/high school. Actually, it was my favourite rock band back then. I never wore the grunge attire which included flannel shirts, long hair, and jeans. But I dug the music.

I bought their first album, "Ten," at a pawn shop in Whalley when I was 12 years old. Since then I've collected 6 including the first album. But I stopped buying their albums with my last one, "Binaural" in 2000. That's when I entered my Christian rock bands buying phase which lasted for a couple of years. But I have since returned to buying music that really speaks to who I am which includes mostly secular but also have praise and worship thrown in there.

Today, I picked up Pearl Jam's greatist hits from 1991-2003 album. It includes some remixed tracks and quite a few songs from "Vs." that I enjoy but don't have the album. Man, grunge used to be huge: Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Soundgarden, and of course, Pearl Jam, and it's pretty amazing they all came from Seattle, just 2.5 hours away by car.

I enjoy listening to underground hip hop and I actually went to a show last Sunday night with my best bud. The show was Lyrics Born and the Coup which featured live bands. I love instruments and there are times I just love to rock out. Pearl Jam is definitely the band that rocks my socks off. I'm glad I've rediscovered them.

What was your favourite band in your elementary/high school days?