Sunday, November 27, 2005

Oh Baby!

I found out my buddy, Brian's wife is pregnant. It was pretty surreal to hear the news and I am so glad for them. I told Brian, "You're gonna be a father!" and he said, "I know man, my plan for a Plasma TV is out the window." We just started laughing. When they found out, he wasn't himself for a couple of weeks as he kept thinking about how they're going to bring a new life into this world. He was thinking down the road 2-3 years to have a baby, but not now. It came as a surprise to them (you'll have to ask them how they found out). But they're totally thrilled nevertheless.

God works in mysterious ways. I remember when they started dating and I was like wha?? Vanessa and Brian? and now they're married with a baby on the way. Nice job.

I told Brian to name his baby, Eowyn if it's a girl, or Gimli or Legolas if it's a boy. I don't think Vanessa would be up for some names from Middle Earth. I could see Brian trying to convince Vanessa to name their baby, Obi-Wan or Princess Leia.

Times are definitely changing in my circle of friends. It used to be my friends getting married, and now it's starting families. Wow. I should get a move on, but eh, I still enjoy the single life.


Sunday, November 20, 2005


I just ordered a T-shirt from The Suburbia. It's a new clothing line my friend, Yulee, created within the last year or so while studying at UBC. Yulee and I go way back in the church we grew up in. It's cool to see how she's taken a school project and turned it into a business. She's also very creative.

I've thought a lot about how important it is to be creative in life lately. I think about being more creative because it's been a long time since I've drawn pictures or played with LEGO. I've been thinking of picking up a LEGO set to build a skyscraper or something of that nature just to let that energy out. I was inspired about the subject from my Operations Management class. Good stuff.

The T-shirt I chose is called "Curious George Goes Airborne." I like it because I'm curious about things, I like monkeys, and I was born in the year of the monkey. If you'd like to see some more designs, check out her website ( which is one of my links to the right.


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Funny, but Boring Hockey

I was watching the Canucks and Flames game this evening and it was a snoozer. There were plenty of fights, but not much goal scoring. Canucks lost 1-0 to be exact. There were a couple of funny moments worth mentioning. One was when the refree, Mick Magoo, spun his arms like a windmill to point out a no goal situation. Another I couldn't stop laughing at was when Ruutu got a nice hit on Phaneuf. Phaneuf throws down his gloves while skating backwards. Ruutu hooks Phaneuf's leg with his stick as Ruutu skates towards the bench. Phaneuf falls on his ass and ends up getting a penalty for wanting to start a fight. It was cheap, but hilarious. The CBC commentators had quite the laugh on air too.